AGENDA: Board Meeting – July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 – 5:00pm
El Rancherito, 4303 Broadway Street, Mt. Vernon, IL

  1. Call to Order – Josh Martin
  2. Previous Meeting Minutes Approval – Lee Moore
  3. Committee Heads Discussion/Selection – Josh Martin
    • Maintenance Committee
    • Governance Committee
    • Architectural Committee
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Vince Foran
  5. Maintenance Committee Report – Kris Strothmann and Lee Moore
    • Dumpster location – will not be moved from current location
    • Water lines, water leaks, broken hydrant
    • Water structures
    • Trespassing update
    • Private Road signs
    • Additional post at gate to the dam
    • Culvert between Strothmann center lots and Bonner
    • Cleaning remaining culverts
    • Other
  6. Architectural Committee Report – Tom York
  7. Governance Committee Report – Vince Foran
    • Updating covenants task
    • Responsibilities of each board position
    • Smaller number of board members?
  8. Old Business – Josh Martin
    • Update on lights being paid by property owners vs the association
    • Estimates for water lines – Tom York
    • Update on Non-paying landowner – Tom York
    • Other
  9. New Business
  10. 10. Adjourn

AGENDA: Annual Meeting – May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014 – 10 am
Dix Community Center, 217 N Main St, Dix, IL 62830

  1. Call to order – Kris Strothmann
  2. Welcome new members – Kris Strothmann
  3. Collection of proxies – Janelle Martin
  4. Announcement of 2014-2015 Board of Directors – Janelle Martin
  5. President’s Report – Kris Strothmann
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Vince Foran
  7. Maintenance Committee Report – Kris Strothmann, Lee Moore
  8. Architectural Committee Report – Tom York
  9. Governance Committee Report – Jessica Henrichs
  10. Old Business
    • Dumpster site vote
    • Water line discussion
  11. New Business
  12. Implementation of covenants regarding secondary lots
    • Discussion regarding smaller board of directors
    • Discussion regarding lake rules
    • Discussion regarding budget approval process
    • Posting private roads
    • Discussion regarding increasing assessment on every Members first lot by $25 (from $300 to $325).


REMINDER: Completed ballots due TODAY

This is a reminder that Members need to return their official ballots for Oak Shores HOA board elections TODAY.



Janelle Martin, Secretary, Oak Shores HOA
c/o Compass West
2425 W. Veterans Ave. Unit 2A
Vandalia IL 62471


Assessments and Voting Structure

The following notice was mailed to all Members on May 1, 2014

TO: Oak Shores Members
FROM: Oak Shores HOA
RE: Assessments and Voting


The board has discussed the discrepancy between the assessments and voting structure for our community. It is also acknowledged that in some instances when multiple lots were purchased, it was verbally communicated that a flat assessment would be levied for each household instead of assessing each lot as outlined in the covenants.

To rectify this disparity and comply with the covenants, effective January 1, 2015 assessments will be based on the number of lots owned. To minimize the impact on those affected, the following provisions are being allowed.

  • Non-Buildable Lots – Members who have lots that they believe are non-buildable, may contact the Architectural Committee to request that those specific lots be exempt from assessment. If approved (by the board), no assessment would be levied on that specific lot or lots, and you would forfeit your vote on those properties.
  • House/Out Buildings Spanning Multiple Lots – Members who have a home or building on multiple lots may request plot consolidation (same process as outlined above). If consolidated, only one assessment would be levied and the new lot would only garner one vote.
  • Additional Lots – Will be assessed at 20 percent of the annual assessment rate, which is a 30 percent reduction from the rate currently stated in the covenants.
  • Lot consolidation must be completed prior to November 30, 2014, to ensure proper billing.
  • The above provisions do not apply to single lot owners. All property owners must (at a minimum) pay one full assessment for their first lot.

In closing, we realize this plan will not please everyone. However, the board believes the above provisions will minimize the impact and allow us as a community to move forward. The covenants will be updated to reflect the above changes.

If you have questions, please contact any board member. We look forward to hearing from you.


Oak Shores HOA